No More Stinky Septic Problems

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No More Stinky Septic Problems

When I moved into my new house, I assumed that the residence used a city sewage system like the four houses I lived in previously. The homeowner did not tell me about the septic tank and I did not think to ask. Not only was I not informed of the septic system, but I was not told that the tank had not been cleaned in six years. I started to smell a foul odor from my toilet soon after I moved in and there seemed to be a disgusting discharge building on my lawn. I knew that I had a serious problem when raw sewage started to come back up through my toilet. After an investigation by a plumber and an emergency septic service call, my septic tank was emptied and repaired. I now know that septic care is extremely important and I want you to know this too.


Does Your Septic Tank Need To Be Cleaned?

Your septic tank is an important component of the waste elimination system of your home. However, due to the fact that it is out of sight and underground, it may not receive the proper septic services. Septic tanks need to be cleaned on a regular basis so that they can do their job properly and avoid placing excess pressure on the pipes. Over time, without proper maintenance, the system can fail. Keep reading to learn a few of the signs that your septic tank requires professional septic tank cleaning.

Foul Odors

When you notice any foul or strange smells coming from a drain in your home, you do not want to ignore them. This is often one of the initial signs that your septic tank needs to be cleaned by a professional. Generally, these bad smells are indicative of a blockage from material that has accumulated and started to decay. This buildup can be pumped out by a professional, who can then clean the pipes to ensure that your home no longer smells bad.

Slow Drains

If the sinks and bathtubs in your home are draining slower than normal, then you likely have some type of plumbing problem. Although not generally recommended, you can use an over-the-counter drain cleaner to try to repair the issue. Alternatively, you can mix up a DIY solution. If the problem persists, a professional will need to be contacted. Slow drains tend to be an early sign of a problem, so if you take action quickly, the problem can be addressed before you have a more serious issue on your hands.

Pooling Water

When you have septic tank issues, you may notice that you have standing water in your yard, especially in the areas around your septic tank and the drainfield itself. These are obvious signs that your septic system is not functioning the way it should and needs to undergo a cleaning by a professional.

Sewage Backup

If you notice that there is wastewater flowing over in any of the drains in your home, then it is important you contact a septic service in your area immediately. You do not have time to waste, as the problem is serious. Overflow from your septic system as a result of a blockage or serious damage is a serious health issue. The bacteria and substances need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. To ensure that no one has to be taken to the hospital and that repairs do not get out of hand financially, make sure that these issues are addressed as soon as a problem is noticed.

For more information, contact a septic tank cleaning service.