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No More Stinky Septic Problems

When I moved into my new house, I assumed that the residence used a city sewage system like the four houses I lived in previously. The homeowner did not tell me about the septic tank and I did not think to ask. Not only was I not informed of the septic system, but I was not told that the tank had not been cleaned in six years. I started to smell a foul odor from my toilet soon after I moved in and there seemed to be a disgusting discharge building on my lawn. I knew that I had a serious problem when raw sewage started to come back up through my toilet. After an investigation by a plumber and an emergency septic service call, my septic tank was emptied and repaired. I now know that septic care is extremely important and I want you to know this too.


Tips For Protecting Your Septic Tank When You Are Hosting A Large Party At Your Home

It can be a lot of fun to invite family and friends to celebrate together at your home. Whether it is for a reunion, high school graduation, birthday, or a holiday, you will want to make sure that you are taking certain precautions in order to protect your septic tank system. Here are a few things you can do in order to ensure that fun party does not spoil your septic system:

Use Some Portable Toilet Rentals

These can be great for when you are hosting your party outside. Even if the party will be a mix of time outdoors and indoors, having a few portable toilet rentals can be a good idea. The more those are used, the less strain there will be on your septic system. And remember, the more your toilet is flushed, the quicker the tank will fill up, and the sooner you will have to pay to have it pumped.

Leave Reminder Rules For The Bathroom Inside Of The House

Create and print little signs that you can put on the outside of the bathroom door and on the wall next to the toilet.

Some of the rules could include:

  • No flushing of feminine hygiene products
  • No flushing baby wipes or diapers
  • If using a lot of toilet paper, please do a courtesy flush halfway through

Reminding your guests of such rules can help reduce the chances of a clog in the waste water line, or at the point of entry into the septic tank itself.

Rope Off The Yard Space Above The Tank

The more people you invite to your party, the more likely it is that one or more people might have to park in the yard. While that can be fine, you simply want to avoid the parking of vehicles directly over top of your septic tank. Since it is underground and out of sight, your guests will not know where it's at. Therefore, you will want to rope off the section of your yard that covers the septic tank. This is rather important because too much weight on top of the tank can cause it to crack. Once the tank cracks, you will then have a lot of septic waste water in your yard and you will have to spend money to have the tank repaired or replaced.

With those few tips in mind, you will have a much easier time protecting the condition of your septic tank when you have large parties or celebrations. Contact a septic tank maintenance service for more help.