No More Stinky Septic Problems

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No More Stinky Septic Problems

When I moved into my new house, I assumed that the residence used a city sewage system like the four houses I lived in previously. The homeowner did not tell me about the septic tank and I did not think to ask. Not only was I not informed of the septic system, but I was not told that the tank had not been cleaned in six years. I started to smell a foul odor from my toilet soon after I moved in and there seemed to be a disgusting discharge building on my lawn. I knew that I had a serious problem when raw sewage started to come back up through my toilet. After an investigation by a plumber and an emergency septic service call, my septic tank was emptied and repaired. I now know that septic care is extremely important and I want you to know this too.


3 Things To Understand About Renting Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers provide a place to use the bathroom like porta potties; however, restroom trailers have different amenities and provide a higher level of luxury and comfort when using the bathroom.

#1 Restroom Trailers Feel More Like Regular Bathrooms

When you enter into a restroom trailer, it is designed to feel like you are in a regular bathroom. There will be stalls where you can go to the restroom on a normal looking toilet. There will be a regular sink where you can wash your hands, as well as a mirror so you can check yourself out when you are in the restroom. Restroom trailers can also come with waiting areas so you can sit down and relax while waiting to use the restroom as well. They are designed to feel much more like using a restroom at a really nice shopping mall than stepping into a dirty porta potty on a construction site. They have the look and feel of a regular restroom.

#2 Restroom Trailers Do Not Require a Water Hook-UP

Although restroom trailers are designed to look and feel like a regular bathroom, they don't require you to provide access to a water hook-up. Restroom trailers come with board water tanks that are filled up before the restrooms are delivered to your site. The size of the water tank attached to your restroom trailer will depend on your overall headcount. The water will be designed to last a certain number of guests a specific number of hours, so be sure to go over your headcount and the length of your event when ordering your restroom trailers to ensure that the trailer will come with the right amount of water.

If you have a really long event that you need a trailer for, the water tank can be refilled onsite with a water hose. It can also be refilled with a deliver from a water truck a well.

#2 Restroom Trailers Do Not Require an Electrical Hookup

Restroom trailers no longer require an electrical hookup either. Most restroom trailers are equipped with a battery that is solar powered for all the electrical needs of the trailer. The solar battery should operate the lights and provide the restroom trailer with all the energy it needs. This can allow you a great degree of flexibility when choosing where to place the trailer.

Most restroom trailers are also equipped with a back-up power outlet, so if for some reason the solar battery were to fail or run out of light, the restroom trailer could be plugged into a standard household plug and could run on the energy that a standard outlet would provide.

Restroom trailers have more of the feeling of a normal bathroom without demanding access to a water or electrical hook-up.