No More Stinky Septic Problems

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No More Stinky Septic Problems

When I moved into my new house, I assumed that the residence used a city sewage system like the four houses I lived in previously. The homeowner did not tell me about the septic tank and I did not think to ask. Not only was I not informed of the septic system, but I was not told that the tank had not been cleaned in six years. I started to smell a foul odor from my toilet soon after I moved in and there seemed to be a disgusting discharge building on my lawn. I knew that I had a serious problem when raw sewage started to come back up through my toilet. After an investigation by a plumber and an emergency septic service call, my septic tank was emptied and repaired. I now know that septic care is extremely important and I want you to know this too.


Septic Tank Cleaning: Why It Must Be Done

Do you have a problem with water not going down drains as fast as it should? If you are using a septic system for the plumbing needs of your house, it may be time to invest in getting the tank cleaned. A full septic tank can cause drainage problems in plumbing fixtures.

How Can a Full Septic Tank Cause Slow Plumbing Fixture Drainage?

It is important for you to understand that all of the waste from plumbing fixtures goes into a tank that must be emptied out on occasion to prevent drainage problems. However, the tank is not the only important part of a septic system, as there is also a drainfield. The drainfield is an area in the soil that is constructed out of several pipes. The pipes are lined with small holes that allow wastewater to flow into the soil without created large puddles. Wastewater can't flow into the drainfield if solid waste in the tank is preventing it.

When waste from your plumbing fixtures enters into the tank, three different layers of waste are created. A layer of solid waste materials forms at the bottom of the septic tank. Liquid waste sits on top of the solid waste to form a middle layer. Solids that are unable to sink to the bottom are then left floating on top of the liquid layer of waste.

The liquid layer of waste is usually released through the drainfield. If your septic tank is too full, the solids can create a blockage and prevent the drainfield from functioning. A malfunctioning drainfield is what leads to wastewater backing up into the tank and interfering with the drainage in your house. You must get the tank cleaned by a professional to fix the problem.

What Do Professionals Charge for Septic Tank Cleaning?

The price for a professional to clean your septic tank depends on how many gallons of waste it holds. You should expect to pay a minimum of $75, but the price can be as much as over $2,000 on the highest end of the scale. A professional can also clean the drainfield pipes when the tank is pumped out if you want a thorough cleaning done. Don't delay making an appointment for a septic tank cleaning contractor such as Glanborough Pumping septic tanks to stop by your house, unclog your septic tank, and pump the waste out of the septic tank.